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We strive to create meaningful marketing experiences that resonate with our client's buyers. We achieve this with our relentless commitment to providing superior services to all our clients.

One aspect that makes us second to none is we have the capability to develop anyone into a leader. With time, commitment, hard work, and the proper guidance, we believe success is pretty much inevitable.

KPI Group offers Career Opportunities in Marketing Management and Direct Sales across San Fernando, Santa Monica, Pasadena,
Los Angeles, Torrance, Long Beach, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Anaheim, Ontario and Riverside, California.

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Why Choose KPI Group?

  • We provide everyone with one-on-one coaching and mentor the clients to grow their businesses.

  • We host a weekly book club on top of our daily leadership training to try out the latest technologies that help us learn something new each day as an organization.

  • We have an environment that is free from distractions to help keep everyone focused on their goals, as it is the best way to stay productive and deliver quality results.

  • We like to challenge ourselves as they allow us to figure out what works for us and helps us improve ourselves.

  • We are constantly in a state of growth and development, allowing us to grow at a fast pace.

KPI Group

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Marketing Management

We strive to create meaningful marketing experiences that resonate with our clients’ buyers.